Two Day Hands-on

Modern endodontics is a complex, often bewildering subject. The growth in new file systems, irrigation solutions, and obturation materials each claiming to improve your endodontic outcomes are both confusing and in many cases, misleading.


The two day courses are designed to give you the information you need to make the best treatment decisions for your patients and to develop your clinical endodontic skills.


As good endodontic treatment requires high technical ability, a significant part of the course will be spent hands-on, working on both extracted teeth and simulated root canals - you will need to bring some extracted molar teeth with you.


Although we will be using certain file systems and obturation methods on the course, the teaching will be applicable to all endodontic file systems and obturation techniques.


Split over two days, the course offers a total of 13 hours verifiable CPD and includes lunch and refreshments during the day.


If you want any further information about what the courses will cover please e-mail



Course Objectives

Diagnosis and Decision making in Endodontics

 - Diagnosing the problem

 - What to tackle, what to refer

 - What to extract


Access Cavity Design

 - Revising the anatomy

 - Finding the canals


Preparation Techniques

 - Hand and rotary instrumentation

 - Can one file do it all?                                   


Irrigation Regimes

 - What to use

 - How best to use it


Obturation Techniques

 - Materials

 - Techniques and equipment


One visit? Two Visits?


Considerations in restoring the root-filled tooth